The Problem

You want to make investments and drive a large return, but trading can be a risky and daunting task. Even when you think you have a good idea, you're not sure when to pull the trigger and you wish you had someone with experience at your side to help you make the best decisions.

The Solution

We provide the materials and knowledge to get you the best returns that we can find. We identify stock setups that have low downside risk with the opportunity for high upside return. We have a proven track record of trades that has outperformed the market for years and have such confidence in our community, that we offer a free trial for our service with no upfront obligation.


Our Mission

Minotaur empowers professionals to invest their savings intelligently, with the goal of outperforming traditional market returns. We educate and inform members to help them grow their portfolios in any and all market conditions.  

What We've Achieved

2017 Returns: 41.23% 

2016 Returns: 28.30%

Trade highlights in 2017 include realized gains of 1780% in BIDU, 1143% in LULU, 337% in NFLX, and 313% in TWLO