Don't know what to invest in? We do.

We take the guesswork out of investing, and put our members into high-return equity investments with proven returns.

How We do it

Every week, we email members actionable trades that we execute, along with detailed analysis and risk profiling. We also offer Trade Alerts for members who want to know about our trades the moment they happen.

We give you the tools you need to make the right investment for you.


Proven Research

The Minotaur team uses extensive fundamental and technical analysis to find potential investments. Through a combination of common stock and derivative instruments, we deploy capital in both long and short positions to achieve above-average risk adjusted returns.


YTD Returns: 28%

 2017 Returns: 41.23%

Trade highlights in 2017 include realized gains of 1780% in BIDU, 1143% in LULU, 700% in CAVM, and 582% in IBM.


Minotaur members receive access to first-rate research, trade alerts, and a thriving community of passionate investors. 


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How We beat the big guys

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