The Minotaur Rules


Welcome to Minotaur!

We've been trading the markets now for over 4 years, beating the S&P and DOW every year since we began. We've seen volatility come and go, we've seen corrections, and we've been able to escape each of them relatively unscathed. 

We are able to maintain our edge on the market by sticking to the following set of rules.

  • Never put more than 10% of your entire portfolio in any one common stock trade. If you have $1,000 in your account, you wouldn't invest more than $100 per stock

  • Never put more than 1% of your entire portfolio into any option trade. You should not be playing options unless you have enjoyed consistent success trading common stock

  • Never buy stocks at elevated positions. Don't buy Bitcoin at $18,000, don't buy Facebook at all time highs, and don't let the public euphoria influence your buying.

  • Never let emotion dictate your decision making. Maintain discipline in everything you do.

If you follow these rules, you will increase your chances of success substantially. If you want to trade what we trade, consider signing up for our alerts

To learn how to set up a trading account and get started, check out this piece we wrote.