Minotaur Portfolio Check-Up - Q3

At Minotaur, we value obsessive risk management, position sizing, and diversification, but in order to really understand the values and strategy that we employ, it's best to look at the stocks that we own.

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Below, we will dive into each position that we are currently in. We will analyze each position, cover where it's gone since we purchased, and tell you where we think it's going in the future. We hope you will learn a thing or two.

The Portfolio

We divide our common stock portfolio into three categories: Long term investments, short term investments, and short term trades. The way we determine which stock goes into which category is based on the time frame we are looking at and how long we plan to hold the equity. We will get into each of these separately below.



Materials stocks have taken a beating lately based on tariff concerns. To be quite frank, if something is in my long term stock portfolio I don’t worry much about it month to month or quarter to quarter. I keep an eye on it, and there’s nothing to worry about here. My long-term thesis is still very much so intact.


We’ve traded off this position with a large amount of success. Again, this stock has lost a bit of steam with tariff concerns, but the P/E ratio of this stock is 8. I’ll repeat that. Eight.


The chart on this stock looks beautiful, and we could be looking at a breakout in this one soon. You could buy this one here at a similar price that we purchased at.


Our biggest option play ever (+1780%) turned into a long-term hold after breaking out of a multi-year pattern, but tariff and Google concerns have held this stock down on the mat. We’ve added several times to this position and planned on holding it long term, but this is really the only stock I can see myself swapping for something else like FSLR or INTC.

CENX — 1/3 POSITION — (-15%)

We had a nice trade on this earlier this year, and then bought back in a little early. I want to add to this one soon once I can free up some capital. It is set to explode out of this wedge pattern and we want to be there in full for this move. Adding to this position will also lower our cost basis enough to where we are only down around 5%, a very comfortable spot to be in at this level.

Short Term Investments

weed Basket - ACBFF, TRTC, BUDZ, BLOZF, CANN, LBUY - Full Position

We sold CRON and CGC for gains of over 100%, and we’re still holding the rest of this basket to capture the full move up in weed.

Crypto Basket - OSTK, Bitcoin, GROW, GBTC - Full Position

Similar concept to weed basket. Holding them all for a move up into year-end.

TSLA - 1/2 Position - +1%

I wanted to add to this one when it dipped back to $260, and I believe this is a buy under $300 every time.

SOXL - Full Position - +18%

This one is ripe to explode. If semiconductors break out, this could be our trade of the year.

SOXL is ripe for a breakout here. Looking to see what it does before selling the near 20% gain here.

SOXL is ripe for a breakout here. Looking to see what it does before selling the near 20% gain here.

Short term trades

YINN - 1.5x POsition - +5%

Shooting for 20% on this trade, and will sell full position once I get it. I went larger than normal position size because of my conviction that China will rebound.

To Conclude

This is a snapshot of what my portfolio looks like. My portfolio usually changes its appearance month-to-month, but there are a good number of longer-term holds that I use to stabilize my portfolio.

If you have any questions or want to talk about any of these set ups or why I picked these stocks, feel free to shoot me an email at sterling@minotaurinsights.com.

Happy Trading

- Minotaur