Minotaur Portfolio Check-Up

For the first time ever, I am going to give you a look under the hood of what makes Minotaur tick, and give you a chance to see what makes up my common stock portfolio. At Minotaur, we value obsessive risk management, position sizing, and diversification, but in order to really understand the values and strategy that we employ, it's best to look at the stocks that we own.

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Below, we will dive into each position that we are currently in. We will analyze each position, cover where it's gone since we purchased, and tell you where we think it's going in the future. We hope you will learn a thing or two.

The Portfolio

We divide our common stock portfolio into three categories: Long term investments, short term investments, and short term trades. The way we determine which stock goes into which category is based on the time frame we are looking at and how long we plan to hold the equity. We will get into each of these separately below.

Long Term Investments

Long term investments are stocks that I plan to hold for over a year. Gains are taxed at a lower percentage if you are able to hold stocks for a year, and consistently growing stocks can be a nice stabilizer in your portfolio. I currently own the following.

X — Full Position —+90%

This stock is my baby, and the initial play that launched me into the materials sector. With a magnificent anticipated increase in infrastructure spending, both domestically and abroad, I had to get some exposure to the companies that would supply this endeavor. I don't plan on letting this one go any time soon.

FCX — Full Position — +37%

Another materials stock that has been an absolute monster for me. I've also played calls in this one several times over the past year with incredible results.

BIDU — Full Position — +9%

Our biggest option play ever (+1780%) has turned into a long-term hold after breaking out of a multi-year pattern, and this is a stock I want to buy and hold for the next several years.

TAHO — 1/3 Position — -13%

Bought small in this one to start because of the falling wedge pattern. Will buy the rest after a bottom and turn. Not afraid of the unrealized loss here in the short term.

PAH — 1/2 Position — +3%

Surprise, surprise, another material stock. This is my newest purchase, and once I sell one of my shorter term positions I will make this a full position. I love this spot on the chart.

Surprise, surprise, another material stock. This is my newest purchase, and once I sell one of my shorter term positions I will make this a full position. I love this spot on the chart.

Short Term Investments

Short term investments are investments that I plan on holding 6 months to a year. Note that these investments can always become longer term investments, and I allow them room to do so, but I am more pressed to sell these quickly rather than hold off taking gains. Classifying a stock as short or long term investment means I will not rush to sell if the stock doesn't immediately move the way I want it to as long as the set up is intact (contrary to a trade, where I am in and out much quicker).

AMD — Full Position — +9%

This is the only stock that I feel like is a crowded trade, but I'm playing for exposure to crypto mining and because of the superior technical performance of their product.

BOFI — Full Position — +37%

Great bank stock, no complaints, this one might turn into a longer term hold.

ARNC — 1/2 Position — +3%

Most recent position. Playing a range move back up to 30, but might take awhile.

CYBR — 3/4 Position — +13%

Loved the spot I took in this, and we could see a multi-year breakout from here.

ORCL — Full Position — +3%

Range investment, rinse and repeat, up to $50.

JBLU — Full Position — +2%

Playing for a breakout above $23. Could go for awhile from there.

ONCE — Full Position — +18%

Bought the dip in this stock after it plunged. Playing gap fill to $68

Short Term Trades

Short term trades are for stocks that I buy and plan to hold anywhere from overnight to 6 months down the line. They have much tighter leashes than investments, and I take gains a lot more quickly with these. The set ups are generally different and I am looking at shorter time frames when analyzing them. 

PZZA — Full Position — +2%

Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa Johns. Switched into this after a big win in DPZ. Playing for a move to the upper end of the range.

RDFN — Full Position — +12%

Double down on this one at the IPO-lows, and it looks like it's revving up for another move higher.

AKS — 1/2 Position — +15%

Not a bad return for a few day's worth of work.

To Conclude

This is a snapshot of what my portfolio looks like. My portfolio usually changes its appearance month-to-month, but there are a good number of longer-term holds that I use to stabilize my portfolio. During January, I barely sold anything in my common portfolio, preferring to just let everything trend.

If you have any questions or want to talk about any of these set ups or why I picked these stocks, feel free to shoot me an email at sterling@minotaurinsights.com.

Happy Trading

- Minotaur