3 Tricks To Increase Your Robinhood Returns

Stop losing out on high return trades by following these simple steps:


1. Plan Your Trade

Knowing the specific prices where you're going to buy the stock and when you're going to sell will heavily reduce anxiety and doubt when managing your positions.  If you don’t have a plan, you won’t know what to do when the trade doesn't go your way, and not knowing when to get out of a losing trade can be just as damaging as not knowing when to take profits on a winning trade.  Having a plan and sticking to it will allow you to consistently lock in gains while avoiding losses.

If you plan on holding the stock until the end of time, that's ok too, but shorter term traders should always have an exit point.

Planning trades and knowing where each position stands within your plan will also prevent you from over-positioning or leaving yourself without enough cash to enter another trade should the opportunity arise. 

No one ever went into battle without a game plan, and neither should you. Many traders use Minotaur Insights to help plan and execute their trades with confidence.


2. Stop Losses and Limit Orders

You should never lose more than you have to on any position.  You also should be prepared for any quick dips in price to get the best entry imaginable.  If you’re planning your trades, and you can predict where a stock will be at its lowest and highest point, you should effectively be able to buy low and sell high. 

Stop losses prevent black swan events from taking out your entire account, and generally alleviate fears of a market crash; you don’t have to stay glued to the screen for every moment the market is open. If you have stop losses set, you can sleep soundly and know that your positions are protected.

You should also never pay market price for any stocks.  Setting the limit order slightly lower than the market price of a stock will allow you to enter at a better spot and position yourself for larger returns.  


3. Use Minotaur Insights

Many traders use Minotaur Insights to find the best trades available on the market, and get into them before they take off. We've successfully put our members into trades that have yielded more than 40% YTD and have increased portfolios to all-time highs. 

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